Our Story

Pursuit Platforms started as a group of hunting buddies who switched from climber and hang-on to saddle hunting. During this transition, we have continually tried to optimize our setups and maximize the utility of our equipment. While trying to figure out what platform would be best, we had a hard time choosing. Everything we looked at was seemingly the same. Sure, they all had minor differences, but they were all flat, metal, needed to be carried in a separate pack, and were assemblies with moving parts. We contemplated trying to skip platforms altogether and kept trying to find a better solution. Dustin eventually suggested we design one ourselves!

In winter of 2020, Brady put together an initial proof of concept model, Trung printed and tested it. Even though it was a weak and hollow 3D print that was tested in the middle of a Minnesota winter, it could not break! From that point on, we knew we had something special!

We started suggesting features and traits we wanted and modeled them in. We eventually came up with the current design which is likely the most innovative platform on the market. It has universal attachment points and has the added benefit of being able to carry your hunting pack. Finding a company that could produce this complex design was a huge challenge! We’ve worked hard to ensure none of you will have to settle.