The Pursuit Platform V2


The V2 Pursuit Platform is an ultralight, stand-alone platform weighing in at 23 ounces with an extra high weight rating of 400 lbs.

At a lower-than-market-average price, we’ve created THE top saddle-hunting platform. Made by and for hunters.

The V2 is an update to our initial platform design. By increasing the length of the traction nubs, making the body thicker, improving flow for reinforcement, and adding a center rib, we’ve made sure this will be the strongest platform possible!

The Pursuit Platform is constructed of fiberglass reinforced material and has two usable angled faces that give the hunter the option of using the side providing more comfort for your personalized setup.

This innovative platform will meet your needs that have traditionally been trade-offs from other offerings.

* Our platform will come with the standard over-center cam buckle.

Combine it with the kneepad and the stick quivers for the most compact and portable hunting systems on the market: The Pursuit Ultimate Bundle!

2 reviews for The Pursuit Platform V2

  1. Jake Marcum (verified owner)

    I am shocked more people are not raving about the Pursuit Platform V2. The V2 is pure innovation that should be ruling the mobile hunting platform conversation. There’s no option aside from the V2, especially if you’re hunting mobile. The reinforcements perfected an already solid first generation platform. Do yourself a favor, buy the V2. You will have zero regrets.

  2. Brian Terry

    I’ve been saddle hunting since 2009 and have tried numerous platforms, steps and bolts and have found this platform to be the overall best for my leaning style. The V2 Pursuit Platform checked all the necessary boxes for me, comfort, stability, maneuverability safety and ease of use while being super quiet and lightweight! I had been running a ring of steps but with the pursuit, I don’t think they’re necessary due to the angles of the platform and it’s ability to handle side pressure unlike any other platform option I’ve tried! The comfort of this platform will allow be to hunt longer, harder and fidget much less. To say that I am satisfied with my purchase would be an understatement. This is one of the best hunting purchases I’ve made.

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